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MBBS, MD (Paediatrics), DM (Cardiology), FACC (USA),
FESC (Europe), FRCP (Glasgow), FRCP (London), FSCAI (USA), FICC
Governing Body Member of Indian College of Cardiology 2020-2022

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Ways To Avoid a Heart Attack

Ways To Avoid A Heart Attack By Cardiologist Dr Soumya Patra

Whether you are at risk for Cardiac Disease or not, you can still improve your Heart Health and Reduce the risk of a Heart Attack or any other ailments related to it. The factors are often related, so a change in one area can positively impact others. For example, losing weight makes it easier to keep Blood Pressure and Diabetes in check. Having a Healthy Heart takes some effort, but it's still within your reach. Taking action improves your Health and saves your life. Here are 8 ways to get you going.

1) Quit Smoking

Smoking doubles your chance of having a heart attack. In order to avoid heart attack, you need to quit smoking to decrease the risk. Non-smokers too are at risk. Inhaling second-hand smoke increases their risk of having heart disease so they must cover their mouth to avoid inhaling smoke.

2) Check your Cholesterol Level

You are more likely to get Heart Disease if:
  The Total Cholesterol Level is over 200.
  The HDL or Good Cholesterol Level is under 40.
  The LDL or Bad Cholesterol Level is over 160.
  The Triglycerides Level is over 150.

So undergoing a Cholesterol Test from time-to-time is necessary for ensuring good Heart Health. Also, following a low Cholesterol diet can be of great help.

3) Control High Blood Pressure

Most people nowadays have Hypertension or High Blood Pressure, which is a common risk factor for Heart Disease. Exercise, Healthy Eating and Avoiding salt helps but some people may need Medicines to Control their Blood Pressure, too. Also, if you Snore or Feel Extremely Tired throughout the day, get a Sleep Apnoea test done. If you have it, Treating it will help you Control your High Blood Pressure.

4) Become Active

People who don't Exercise are more likely to get Heart Disease and Die from it, than people who lead an Active Lifestyle. Be more active to avoid Heart Attack Risk. Consult your Doctor before starting a new Exercise Program, Especially if you aren't Active Now.

5) Eat a Heart-Healthy Diet

Have Foods that are low in Fat and Cholesterol like Fruits, Vegetables, Beans, Whole Grains, Nuts, Legumes and other Plant-Based Foods. Fibre and Vitamins are good for Cholesterol which can be obtained Naturally from these Foods. You can also eat Oily Fish Rich in Omega-3 Fatty Acids, Poultry, and Meat. But go for lean options and keep the portions modest. Limit Salt and Sugar as well.

6) Maintain a Healthy Weight

Losing Excess Weight is good for your Heart. It lowers High Blood Pressure, keeps Diabetes in Control and Reduces the Risk of Heart disease.

7) Control Diabetes

Diabetes Increases the Risk of Heart Disease. People who have Diabetes must First keep their Blood Sugar level under Control. Many People have Diabetes but are not aware of it so it’s better to get yourself tested and treated at the earliest.

8) Manage Stress

Everyone has Stress. But if you are Stressed all the time then that's a problem. Handling your Stress is a Healthy way of Putting yourself back in charge. Try meditation or Yoga to Relax your Tensed Senses.

Finally, the Genetic Factor is a very important underlying factor in having a Heart Attack. If anyone has a family history of Heart Disease, then one should be cautious and should maintain a Healthy Lifestyle. Even after this, many of the Heart Attack patients don’t have any prior Cardiac Illness. So, regular Doctor consultation and opting for a Cardiac Check-up Package as per the Doctor’s Advice is the best way to avoid a Heart Attack or any other Heart-Related Illness.